Here is what our students had to say about Indigo Research

David X.
Harrow School, UK

“Working with a professor gave me more freedom and independence in decision making and where I wanted to take the project. The expertise also meant that I could always have ideas reviewed and concepts clarified. My experience with Indigo Research has been truly unique and insightful and has allowed me to push my own interests beyond my original boundaries”

Illarion I.
Lyceum "Second School", Russia

“This program allowed me to acquire knowledge in the field of organizing research work, to understand how the task is formulated and the experiment is conducted. Doing research opens up a new vision of many subjects. For me this is the story of the development of my passion for Computer Science, as well as the discovery of a new interest in mathematics”

Lilit A.
Glendale High School,

“This course has given me the opportunities to improve my skills,
to connect with experienced mentors,
and has taught me how to better manage my time. I'd recommend this program to future students because it gave me valuable experience for the future. I plan to go into neurosurgery, so taking this course gave me a detailed look at what I'd be dealing with”

Eden C.
Good Hope School,
Hong Kong

“Research is a journey of learning and discovering, and you should definitely maximize the experience by picking an interesting and challenging topic. Don’t pick a topic that is too complicated though. Know your limits, and don’t make yourself feel pressured. Most importantly, be sure to enjoy the experience!”

Jeremy N.
Haileybury College, Australia

“Working with my mentor and with Indigo Research has deepened my understanding of the publishing process and of conducting research. I've gained invaluable insight into academic medicine”

Aryaman S.
British International School, Vietnam

“It’s been great working with my Indigo Research Mentor! I have been able to learn from his experience with research projects, learn about a new field of research, and incorporate some tips my mentor has figured out along the way in his PhD in my research project”

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