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In our competitive high school research program, get 1:1 mentorship from top professors and mentors to transform your academic passion into publishable research.
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Why consider doing research

Contribute to
Your Field
No matter your passion, Indigo Research will help you turn it into real-world contributions to your field by working with you to develop your expertise and publish your findings in academic journals.
Make Your College
Applications Stand Out
When you're applying to college as a high school student, research experience will demonstrate your intellectual curiosity, academic talent,
and expertise in tackling complex projects.
Study with
Top Professors
You’ll be guided by PhDs and faculty researchers from top US and UK universities who work at the cutting edge of their fields.
Your Expertise
By doing research in high school, you’ll develop the analytical, writing, and research techniques needed to advance through college, graduate school, and beyond.

Get access to mentors from
top US & UK universities

Stanford University
Columbia University
Yale University
Brown University
University of Oxford
King’s College London
University of Cambridge

What makes Indigo Research different

Flexible Schedule
We offer you the freedom to set your own schedule, allowing you to balance your research with other commitments. Flexibility is key – start anytime and learn at your own pace with Indigo Research.
Passion-Driven Study
Explore your interests and choose any research topic you want, be it Data Science, Psychology, Art, or beyond. Fuel your passion and expand your horizons – the possibilities are endless!
Targeted Outcomes
With Indigo Research, you always start by setting clear goals, such as getting published in a research journal, presenting at a conference, or gaining acceptance into your dream university. With a purpose in mind, your research will take shape and bring you closer to reaching your aspirations, in high school and beyond.
Outstanding Partners
Our partnerships with The New York Academy of Sciences, The International High School Journal of Research, and Crimson Education – the world's leading university admissions consultancy – bring you opportunities to connect and grow with the best in the field.

We are proud of

700 +

Indigo Research students supported since 2019

150 +

Mentors from the world's leading universities

530 +

Projects successfully completed by our students

170 +

Acceptances to Oxbridge &
US Top 10 UNIs

First, research with us.
Then, get admitted
to top schools.

# of our students who have been accepted to:
UPenn | The University
of Pennsylvania
The University of Cambridge
The University of Oxford
University of St Andrews
Stanford University
Brown University
Our students have been accepted to:
Cornell University
Harvard University
Yale University
Princeton University
Dartmouth College
MIT | The Massachusetts Institute
of Technology

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your top schools to our list?

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When to Start

Middle School

Develop extracurriculars and research skills to prepare young minds for college and beyond.

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High School

Strengthen college applications though
a unique research project and develop professional skills along the way.

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Graduate School

Lay the foundation for thesis work, publish your findings, and expand your CV through research and professional support.

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How to Apply

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Fill out the application form to get in touch with us.

the application

Upload a CV and school transcript,
if available.

Meet with your advisor

Together we’ll discuss your application and decide which program is right for you.

Meet your mentor

Once accepted to the program,
we’ll look through our portfolio
of mentors to find you the best match.

Start your research journey

Let’s get to work on your research project!


Our Mentors

Vladimir A.
PhD from Friedrich-Alexander University
Currently works at MIT

Research interests: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Catalysis, Carbon-Based Materials

Vladimir graduated from Moscow State University, Chemistry Department in 2017, during his Bachelor/Master. He has visited Utrecht University to study solid-state NMR and its application for protein research, Friedrich-Alexander University to work on synthesis of sp2-carbon-based materials, and Novartis to work on bioconjugates. In 2018, he moved to Friedrich-Alexander University to continue his studies on carbon materials as a PhD student. After his thesis defense in 2019, he began his Postdoc at Martin-Luther University to work on heterogeneous catalysis. In 2022, he joined Pentelute group at MIT, where he is currently working on peptide-protein interactions and drug development.

Jeanne-Marie J.
PhD from Yale
Currently works at Johns Hopkins University

Research interests: Russian Language and Literature, Russian History, African Literature and History, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, European History

Professor Jeanne-Marie J. research spans Russian language and literature, Russian history, African literature and history, Philosophy, Comparative literature, and European history. Her first book, South African Literature's Russian Soul, is centrally concerned with how Russia's nineteenth-century "Golden Age" of literature and ideas provides a model for the study of South African realist forms and epistemologies, both during and after apartheid. Her second book, The African Novel of Ideas, tells a story of how the novel has negotiated between liberal selfhood and awareness of liberalism's failings across key African intellectual contexts.

Eric S.
Ph.D. from Cornell University
Currently works at Morgan State University

Research interests: Machine Learning, Computer Systems, Bioinformatics

Dr. Eric S. has BS, MS, and PhD degrees from Cornell University. His research includes work in dynamical systems, machine learning, system theory, computer systems, communications systems and bioinformatics. He is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Morgan State University, a public research university in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Eric S. also has a breadth of industry experience in the fields of pattern recognition, machine learning, speech recognition, signal processing and power systems. He has been a participating member of the IEEE, Sigma Xi, and Sigma Pi Sigma. Dr. Eric S. is currently working on machine learning techniques for financial data analysis and blockchain applications and is currently a member of the Morgan State University Fintech Center for Blockchain Technology.

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