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Indigo Research is an online research program that opens up graduate research opportunities for students. With Indigo Research, you can go beyond the classroom by exploring new concepts in your field. This program is specifically designed for Master’s and PhD students.
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Why consider doing research in graduate school

Lay the Groundwork
for Advanced Study

Have an idea for your thesis or dissertation? Undertaking a research project with Indigo Research is a great way to test the waters before committing it to multiple years of academic study, all while building a strong foundation on contemporary theory in your subject area.

Your CV

Publishing the results of your research in an academic journal is a valuable contribution to your CV. This can provide a competitive advantage when applying for fellowships, funding, and jobs in your career.

Study with
Top Professors

You’ll form long-lasting connections as you work alongside our mentors — PhDs and faculty from top US and UK universities who conduct research at the cutting edge of their fields.

Your Expertise

Conducting research on a contemporary problem in your field, combined with 1:1 mentorship with professionals, is a great way to develop the specialized knowledge needed to become an expert.

Get access to mentors from
top US & UK universities

Stanford University
Columbia University
Yale University
Brown University
University of Oxford
King’s College London
University of Cambridge
Princeton University

Choose your Package

Indigo Research features two unique options for graduate students. With our Researcher Package, you’ll write a full-length paper by analysing information from secondary sources. With our Innovator Package, you’ll produce a full-length paper based on your own primary research.

Writing and Publishing
Final Product
Program Outline
3 hours of lecture module sessions
7 hours of research module sessions
Publication support via guidebook
Final outcome
Full-length research paper using secondary data analysis
Program Outline
5 hours of lecture module sessions
13 hours of research module sessions
2 publication strategy sessions
Final outcome
Full-length research paper using primary data collection
Start any time during the year with 100% meeting flexibility!

How to Apply

Tell us you interested

Fill out the application form to get in touch with us.

the application

Upload a CV and school transcript,
if available.

Meet with your advisor

Together we’ll discuss your application and decide which program is right for you.

Meet your mentor

Once accepted to the program,
we’ll look through our portfolio
of mentors to find you the best match.

Start your research journey

Let’s get to work on your research project!


Ready to make a change?

Join a global community of intellectually curious
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